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World Calibration Center for Aerosol Physics (WCCAP)

The WCCAP was founded in 2002 to serve as a competence center for in-situ physical and optical aerosol measurements as part of the world-wide GAW-program of the WMO. This WCCAP is world-wide unique for the quality assurance of physical and optical in-situ aerosol measurements ans station audits to improve infrastructures.

As part of the ECAC the WCCAP provides Calibration and Intercomparison Workshops:
  • Condensation Particle Counter - CPC
  • Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer - MPSS
  • Aerodynamic Particle Size Spectrometer - APSS
  • Optical Particle Size Spectrometer - OPSS
  • Integrating Nephelometer - IN
  • Absorption Photometer - AP
  • Extinction Monitor - EM
  • Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter - CCNC

  • On-Site Intercomparisons & Audit - OSIA (only for MPSS)
European Reference Laboratory for Air Pollution (ERLAP)

ERLAP was founded in 1994 to serve as a calibration facility for measurements of particulate matter and gaseous air pollutants in Europe. Inter-laboratory comparisons have been organized yearly or more for 2 decades. As a service of the European Commission, ERLAP provides support independently of national and private interests, which makes it unique in Europe.

As part of the ECAC the ERLAP provides Inter-Laboratory Comparisons:
  • OC/EC Analysis - OCEC
Aerosol Chemical Monitor Calibration Center (ACMCC)

The ACMCC is managed by a consortium of French laboraties, including CNRS (LSCE and LaMP) and INERIS, and is mainly based at LSCE, located south of the Paris region. As part of the quality control procedures, the ACMCC provides a large set of independent co-located on-line/off-line aerosol measurements for chemical, physical and optical parameters. It offers innovation opportunities through the exchange of information between manufacturers and users,  the optimization of technological solutions, and the evaluation of new online aerosol chemical analyzers.

As part of ECAC the ACMCC provides Calibration and Intercomparison Workshops:
  • Aerosol Chemical Specification Monitor - ACSM

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