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News from ECAC and the DC

Dear friends from the aerosol in-situ community,

Here come a few announcements on the behalf of ECAC and the DC In Situ:

1. We are sorry about the confusion. However, due to organizational reasons, we have to postpone the aerosol in-situ community workshop for data QC and data submission, which was previously scheduled for May 4, 2021.

2. The new workshop date is Wednesday May 19 from 09.00 – 12.00 CEST. You will receive a separate Outlook invitation for this meeting, including the detailed agenda. The short agenda will be discussions about:
a) microphysical measurements (CPC, MPSS, CCNC)
b) optical measurements (AP, int. Nephelometer)
c) chemical measurements (OC/EC, ACSM)
d) other technical questions.

3. The ACTRIS In Situ Data Centre unit will offer an intensive support period for your questions around data reporting. Between 17 – 21 May 2021, we will have increased focus on responding to your questions (via as fast as possible.

4. Our DC In Situ colleagues Ann Mari and Yong will give lectures on the data reporting process at the Hyytiälä winter school next week. The lectures will be turned into videos. These videos will be made available as educational material for your help (by separate mail once available).

5. We plan monthly aerosol in-situ community workshops from now on (2 hours). The meeting on May 19 will the first one of the coming up series.

6. All meetings will be announced in future on the official ACTRIS and the ECAC websites

7. The topic of the next follow-up aerosol in-situ community workshops will be about the revised version of the “preliminary recommendations”, which will be released latest in June 2021.

8. ECAC und the DC created a new email list of the ACTRIS aerosol in-situ community hosted by the data center (this email was sent by this email list)

9. We are sure that this email list in not complete yet, since we don’t know all interested people, especially from the new coming up National Facilities. We would like ask, if you could possible inform also your colleagues about this list. If they want to be added, they should write an email to Markus Fiebig (

Best wishes and a good weekend
Alfred Wiedensohler & Markus Fiebig
ECAC | 30/4/2021

Aerosol in-situ meeting April 22, 2021 from 09 AM to 12 PM

The ACTRIS aerosol in situ community meeting is scheduled for April, the 22nd 2021. During this half-day meeting, the meeting will focus on the collection of 2020 data, COVID related studies, feedbacks on the Colossal meeting, GAW initiatives, as well as National Facilities labelling issues.
Managers of ACTRIS National Facilities connected to the ACTRIS Centre of Aerosol in Situ (CAIS-ECAC) are warmly encouraged to join the event.

More detailed information will be provided in due time.
ECAC | 12/4/2021

Opportunity to access EMC2 services through RADIATE Transnational Access (TA)

LABEC, the INFN accelerator laboratory hosting the EMC2 unit, is participating in a European research infrastructure of ion beam facilities, RADIATE (, that currently offers transnational access (TA) to the external-beam PIXE-PIGE facility for atmospheric aerosol sample analysis to external users.

Member of ACTRIS can benefit of this opportunity for high-sensitivity and high-throughput elemental analysis of atmospheric aerosols collected on daily, hourly and size-segregated (e.g. impactor) samples, using Ion Beam Analysis techniques, typically PIXE and PIGE with 3 MeV proton beams and exploiting a dedicated detection set-up made by an array of Silicon Drift Detectors for X-ray spectroscopy.
Given the pandemic situation hands-off experiments are welcomed: the user sends the aerosol samples, we will analyse them and then we will send them back.

The users have to submit a proposal to RADIATE’s proposal submission system, RADIATE GATE (https:// Check this presentation as a guideline.

Access is granted free of charge to positively evaluated proposals. Download the proposal template to prepare your proposal.

Information on how to submit a measurement proposal to RADIATE TA can be found at the following website:

After the beam time at LABEC , once the measurements are finished, you will have to submit an experimental report in RADIATE GATE.

It is suggested that you contact Massimo Chiari ( before submitting a proposal for advice on the beam analysis method and requested hours that are most appropriate, and for support in proposal submission.
ECAC | 1/4/2021
Permoserstrasse 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany
(+49) 341 2717-7372
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