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OGTAC-CC call for ACTRIS related training activities on organic tracers and aerosol constituents within the framework of the ECAC-CAIS CF

The OrGanic Tracers and Aerosol Constituents - Calibration Center (OGTAC-CC), hosted and operated by TROPOS ACD as one TC unit of the ECAC-CAIS consortium, is announcing the following activity for all operators of ACTRIS NFs (observational and exploratory platforms), and former EUROCHAMP2020 members as well as to all other interested parties as users:
OGTAC-CC | 6/12/2022

Announcement from ACMCC

Instruments shall be shipped and have reached the TC Unit before the first day of the workshop. During the first 10 days, they are installed by the ACMCC personnel and then operated in ambient air for stabilization purposes. Calibrations are then mainly conducted during the second week and beginning of the third one. A series of technical and scientific meetings is also planned at the TC unit during the workshops, typically during a 3-day period during the second or third week of the workshop.

Quadrupole ACSM : 12.09 - 30.09.2022
Time-of-Flight ACSM : 17.10 - 04.11.2022
ACMCC | 4/7/2022
Permoserstrasse 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany
(+49) 341 2717-7372
SAT-SUN closed

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