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Timeline of the latest releases
30th of April, 2024

ACTRIS ERIC compliant aerosol in‐situ instruments v1.0 April 2024

The ACTRIS aerosol in‐situ instruments
compliance is updated on 17th of April, 2024.

update: v1.1 is released on April 18, 2024
update: v1.2 is released on April 19, 2024
update: v1.4 is released on April 30, 2024

22th of January, 2024

Performance & evaluation criteria for calibration workshops & ACTRIS compatibility

On January 2024, the "Performance & evaluation criteria for calibration workshops & ACTRIS compatibility" for the following instruments are public:

- CEN Condensation Particle Counter (CPC)
- Integrating Nephelometer (IN)
- Absorption Photometer (AP)
- Nano Condensation Particle Counter (Nano CPC)
- Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter
- CEN Mobility Particle SizeSpectrometer (MPSS)
- Aerodynamic Particle Size Spectrometer (APSS)

12th of January, 2024

The final version of "General ACTRIS & GAW recommendation document" is now published.


On January 2024, the "ACTRIS standard procedures for aerosol in-situ measurements" has been finalised. The document is now public. To access the documents, click below.

Recommendations, guidelines, standard operating procedures
and scientific articles for aerosol in-situ measurements

last update June 2021

last update January 2024
Mass concentration of particulate organic tracers

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