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Workshop Reports

The final workshop report (all participants) can be downloaded from the link below.
In the table, participants can find and download the individual Confirmation of Intercomparison document.
Serial No.
Confirmation document
Global Change Research Institute AS CT v.v.i.     Czech Republic RT 3197 OCEC-2022-1-1
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS       Czech Republic  RT 3115
Instituto de Salud Carlos III     Spain  5L, 1971654834
IDEAE-CSIC    Spain  202
IDEAE-CSIC    Spain  5L, 2011516240
LSCE-Orme    France
Institute of Environmental Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences    Poland  254-54
Lund University, Department of Physics      Sweden
 DRI 2015
The Cyprus Institute  Cyprus
National Physical LaboratoryUK     5L 436-206
AIRPARIF    France
Laero    France  461-230
NILU  Norway  118A
Aerosol d.o.o.
 Slovenia  DRI 2015 series 2
NRW State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection   Germany  4L, 337-2013
 TU Wien  Austria      4L, 241-45
 Stockholm University  Sweden  5L, 446-215
TROPOS    Germany  294-93
UBA Germany
 Germany  4L, 267-65
Sunset Laboratories  The Netherlands     5L, 390-170
University of Crete, Chemistry Department  Greece  4L, 170
TNO     The Netherlands  4L, 209-24
Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, ISAC-CNR Division of Lecce   Italy
 5L, 362-150
Aarhus University Department of Environmental Science  Denmark  219-31
FMI  Finland  RT3182
National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”  Greece  4F, NA
National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”  Greece  5L, 343-135
University of Vienna  Austria  5L, 223-34
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute  Czech Republic  5L, 160-229
  European  Commission - Joint Research Centre
   Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate
   Air and Climate Unit - ERLAP
ISSeP  Belgium  345-137
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